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Ahead of the curve...

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Steam Clean

Our process is 30 years in the making and always includes:

- Enzyme Pre-spray

- High Pressure & Temp Steam

- Enzyme Deodorize

Carpet Cleaning

Low Moisture / Low Temperature Cleaning

Perfect for low allergen or green chemical cleaning. This service was designed to be utilized when moisture must be strictly controlled or a quick turn to not have to wait for the carpets to dry.

Steam Clean & Sanitize

Our most basic service isn't quite so basic. Every clean begins with an enzyme pre-spray to penetrate and lift stains and dirt. Followed by a high pressure / high temperature steam clean from a state-of-the-art truck mounted carpet cleaning rig. All cleans finish up with a microbial enzyme deodorize to keep the carpet fresh until the property is leased.

High Rises & Hard to Reach Spaces

Our fleet of portable cleaners will shock you. These little bad boys have even put the big truck mounted rigs to shame on occasion and they can go anywhere. This is one category where size definitely does not matter.

Carpet Restoration

Our Methods

No two carpets are identical so we developed proven methods and signature techniques to fix just about any situation. Here are some examples of what we can do to restore your carpets.

Rotovac Fiber Scrub

Two counter rotating heads scrub the fiber of the carpet with high temperature and pressure. This service is excellent for heavy traffic areas or beat down, soiled old carpet. Even the worst imaginable have turned out looking new. We can greatly reduce your replacement budget with our carpet restoration services.


Carpet Repair and Restoration

All our technicians are highly skilled and trained to do just about any carpet repair from patches, transitions, seams, stretches, and stain removal. Another great way to curb replacement budgets with restoration.

Odor Control

We have some of the most effective chemicals and methods of eliminating odor period. We've gone to battle and won against nicotine, curry, smoke, and just about any other odor you can think of. If we can't get the smell out, we will burn it down for you. Guaranteed. 

Pet Treaments

If any company guarantees they can completely eliminate pet urine and organic bacteria, then they are completely full of... pet urine and organic bacteria. Even though it's not fail proof, our tested methods and signature "Flash Dry" program gets results better than most. And if we can't fix it, we will tell you. We stand behind our work and aren't about selling you services that will prove ineffective. 

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