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Carpet Restoration

We are restoration experts, but let's face the facts... old carpet is old carpet. Replacing carpet is expensive, what we do is revive and prolong the life of the carpet for as long as possible until it's an opportune time to replace.

Our Methods

No two carpets are identical so we developed proven methods and signature techniques to fix just about any situation. Here are some examples of what we can do to restore your carpets.

Rotovac Fiber Scrub

Perfect for high traffic and heavily soiled areas. Two counter rotating heads power scrub the fibers of the carpet to lift and clean, leaving a fresh fluffy carpet in its wake.

Carpet Repairs

Before you replace due to excessive damage, many issues can be repaired to look as if they never existed. Chances are, we can fix whatever the problem is.

- Seam Repairs - Carpet Patches - Transition Repairs - Carpet Stretching -

- Stain Removal - Odor Neutralizer - Pet Treatments - 

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